The Floating landscapes collection is an exciting collaboration between Ruth Moser and Jane Eaton taking inspiration from the natural world, changing seasons and the forces of nature that colour the landscape. This collection presents a hybrid of inspirational, high key colourful designs, which reveal imaginary journeys within the landscape.

"For me nature us not landscape, but the dynamism of visual forces" Bridget Riley


Floating Landscapes

Available in various colourways


Within the Floating Landscapes collection there are several bold, colourful textile designs:

Secret Forest

A modern watercolour leaf print inspired by childhood memories of building dens from fallen oak leaves away, unnoticed by the prying eyes of adults. Jane recalls the lost pond at Baldwins Hill in Epping Forest as a favourite haunt for her woodland forays seeking secret places to play.

Autumn Dream

Inspiration was taken from the complex colour changes that accompany the changing seasons. Depicting glimpses of colour appearing and disappearing as the seasons change. Lime green and umber colourways create an eclectic look bursting with colour for bold, show-stopping interiors.

Poetic Landmarks

McBean and Budd’s passion for landscape is explored in this adventurous, decorative design featuring a majestic oak tree in a vibrant choice of colourways; with a choice of cadmium yellow, turquoise or violet hues used as the highlight of this abstract print.


A fantastical print depicting harmony with nature. Inspired by botanical beauty the print’s soft shapes depict a magical woodland realm in a kaleidoscope of vibrant colours. 


A visual depiction of the sweet perfume and sense of romance evoked by a traditional English rose garden. The proverb “Take time to smell the roses” is explored within an abstract, feminine design with pastel shades.